Devilish Delights

These wonderful treats were made by Laura Macias at Distressed Obsessions. Such a simple treat made fantastic by adding white chocolate and a glittery Spider. Great idea for a bake sale or to share with classmates. And by the way, she does not follow the recipe on the box which make these the best Rice Crispy Treats ever! Maybe one day she will share her recipe!
Rice Crispy treats by Laura Macias
Photography by Lashawn Alexander

Autumn In My Heart

 Visiting Bishop's Pumpkin Farm is becoming an annual Fall outing for our Family. The farm is near our house and has so many wonderful things for the kids to experience. They love climbing through the Charlie Brown Pumpkins. You can hear a loud scream every time they stumble upon a rooted one.

Summer's End


I love this picture of Lynae.
She was ridding on the Merry-Go-Round at Great America.
It was very hard to get this shot because I was very
dizzy spinning around while looking through the lens.
I can also remember riding this ride as a child.

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